My Practice

The Goal of My Practice

When I joined BodyLogicMD of Orlando, I had a single goal in mind: to help patients achieve optimal health and wellness at all ages — even to slow or reverse the symptoms of aging. Each of my patients have their own, personal health goals, including such issues as weight loss, healthy aging, bioidentical hormone replacement, menopause, andropause, expert nutritional testing and guidance, diagnosis and treatment of chronic illness, detoxification, and more. I strive to provide the means for patients to achieve these goals.

A Preventive Approach

I use the state-of-the-art techniques of functional medicine to optimize wellness and find the roots of disease. In contrast, our current medical system is designed to diagnose and treat the symptoms of disease when it is in its final or acute stage, not to create wellness or to effectively prevent disease. What you may not realize is that it’s much easier — and healthier — to prevent disease than to cure it.

While traditional drugs do play a role in reversing disease, I focus on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, individualized fitness and nutrition plans, and the targeted use of nutritional supplements and scientifically tested natural medicines to achieve health objectives that are not possible with standard pharmaceuticals.

How You Can Benefit

Integrative, functional medicine can help make everyone healthier, regardless of their condition. That’s its true beauty. Some patients will be cured and everyone will have an improvement in their health and a better understanding of their illness and how their lifestyle impacts it.

About Me

I dedicate my practice that I shares with fellow physician and BodyLogicMD Medical Director Jennifer Landa, M.D., to helping patients overcome health obstacles brought on by the body’s aging process. I help both women and men find relief from symptoms of hormonal imbalance such as menopause weight gain, adrenal fatigue, low libido, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and depression, using a structured regimen consisting of bioidentical hormone therapy and customized nutrition and fitness programs.

I practiced Internal Medicine for 15 years before making the decision to transition into integrative and regenerative medicine. My decision was largely influenced by my desire to help patients age gracefully, with preventive techniques and proactive care. As a part of the BodyLogicMD network, I am able to work closely with each patient to customize a treatment plan that best suits them.

-Marissa Magsino, MD, Orlando Bioidentical Hormones Expert

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